Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ok eww

Ok so obveously I was messing around with my blog and totally screwed it up! I will fix that later! As far as being sick, sadly it's gotten worse and yes I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum again!! I went to the doctor today and got some drugs that are $150.00 for just ten tabs that I have to take 3 times a day!! Holy cow! Anyhow I don't expect them to work because we tried them last time and it was disappointing. So if they aren't helping out by Friday, I'm going to get the pump and catheter put in again! Yaye so fun! Right before my trip to Texas too!! The only thing that really blows is that I'm leaving to Texas on Tuesday and will have to change the catheter site myself because my home nurse will not be able to go there obviously.
It's ok though, because in less than 8 months I will have a beautiful baby girl in my arms! It better be a girl after all this torture lol. I'll be happy with another boy too though. Thank you everyone for all your warm wishes and prayers, I really needed them. I'm so grateful you are all there for me!


Tina said...

That's the spirit think Positive, all the pain and torture is so worth it at the end. Are you keeping a pregnancy journal? Hopefully you feel better, take care..
God Bless,

The wallflower said...
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The wallflower said...

Oh you poor thing!! I'll keep you in my prayers!

matts_mom_shari said...

hi marion! i'm sending positive prayers your way! btw, are you talking about zofran? i was the same way, so i can relate. :(
take care!!!
shari :)

Lucia said...

Hi Marion: I hope you feel better and my prayers are with you. Remember at the end of it you will have a beautiful baby!

Lucy :)

Miss Calia said...

Hope things will work out well for you! Good thing you're looking on the bright side of things! And these next 8 months will definitely fly by for you! just keep yourself busy. ^_^

Gingerbread Girl said...

Hi Marion! I am so sorry for your pregnancy ordeal! You gotta a lot of people praying for you! Hang in there girl, you'll get through this. We love you and all of us out here in the world via You-Tube-Land are cheering you on! Your health and this BB2B are what matters the most!
Hugs- Joyce

Heather said...

aww poor thing! i hope u feel better soon!