Friday, November 14, 2008

Update for November ATC's

Hi everyone! Ok I've been so darn busy it's been crazy! I really hate moving and today we are finally going to start moving our stuff to the new place! I'm not even finished packing either. Anyhow, for the November ATC's can everyone please send them to the same address for now and I will update you for December's. Also I was wondering if anyone would like to take over the ATC club starting in January. If you are interested please let me know so we can arrange this ASAP. As all of you know I'm expecting my second child and I'm sure I'll be very busy with two babies to take care of so I want to make sure I find someone to take over so I won't be so stressed. Also I found out the other day that we are expecting a girl and I am so excited! I've also been feeling so much better, a little sick now and then but everything is just great. Oh I almost forgot, I will be sending out the October ATC's as soon as I can. So sorry they are so late!