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I am asking you for help!

Hi everyone!

Today I have something to share that is very personal and it has to do with special needs orphans. When I started this charity drive I didn't explain to anyone why I was doing it because I felt that maybe it would be an over share and all that really mattered was getting the word out and bringing more awareness to you all.

Well today I want to tell you why I have chosen to do this and why it is personal to me. When I was in Junior high my Mom became a nanny to a little boy with Down Syndrome. She continued to nanny him through most of high school. This little boy was the sweetest most loving child you will ever meet. A lot of the time he would spend days at our house while his parents were away on trips which was frequently. He quickly became our little brother and my whole family loved him so much. Eventually he began calling my Mom "Mommy" and though she tried to explain to him that she was not it was very difficult because she was taking care of him every day till bed time.

Well his real Mommy didn't like the closeness of their relationship and my Mom was let go. We were heartbroken knowing we would likely never see him again. About 2 years later we found out that he had been put up for adoption when his parents went through a terrible divorce. We had no other information and finding him was nearly impossible. I can't tell you how hard my Mom took it and we all just felt so unbelievably hurt and angry that something like that would happen to such a wonderful person. I still think about him all the time and hope and pray that someone wonderful adopted him and that he is happy.

This is why I want to do this Charity Drive for Reece's Rainbow. Reece's Rainbow is a Ministry that helps people adopt children with special needs. As we know it is very expensive to adopt a child and there are so many loving parents out there who want to adopt these children but just don't have enough money. Reece's Rainbow helps by issuing grants to those parents so that they can adopt a child with special needs.

Now here's the sad part, a lot of these beautiful babies are in group homes, never having a consistent parent or companion. Can you imagine needing someone, just someone and not really having anyone? It's heartbreaking! Everyone needs a family to love.

I'm asking you to help me raise awareness and money through your art, all you have to do is make a 4"x4" chipboard backed art piece and send it to:

Marion Smith Orphan Charity Drive
Prima Marketing, Inc.
5564 Edison Ave. Chino, CA 91710

Please send your tiles in by June first. Please add some dimension. Once we receive enough we will put them together to make several art collages that will be auctioned off for this Charity. I hope you can find a little bit of time to do this because it will make such a huge difference! I want to thank you in advance for helping me with this, and I hope we can raise enough to get a few children adopted! How awesome would that be! Thank you all so much for supporting me on my little journey's it really means so much!

Please watch this video to learn more about Reece's Rainbow

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Notations Kit by: Teresa Collins! Pre-Order Spring release!

I am so excited for these new Spring Releases by Teresa Collins! They are so Vintage and just awesome! I just put my order in for an awesome kit including the entire notions collection! Yes the whole collection! So the kit includes all of the 12x12 papers, tags, accessories, and the mini album kit which is loaded with yummy stuff like file folders and envelopes! Pre-order yours now as I only ordered one set. Estimated shipping is late April but will likely be sooner since I put my order in as soon as I got the email! Click here to get your kit!

Friday, April 1, 2011

We are connected!

Today let's all have an awesome day filled with family and happiness! After some not so nice email this morning I just feel like I need to have a good time and appreciate all the good things in my life. I need to accept that not everyone will like me and that there are people out there who turn things around and make things into something they are not just to hurt you for no good reason at all. It's a big bite to swallow, but why worry about that when those people don't matter.

All that matters is your family and God. I think everyone should give each other the benefit of the doubt and try to see the good things in each other. When I say family I'm talking about all of us because we are all connected! How wonderful would it be if we all focused on loving each other and being happy for eachother? Most of the time it is that way and I am so happy to be surrounded by all of the positive energy.

There is a lot of room in this world for all of our creativity and we should all support each other in that, be happy for each other and help each other when it is needed. Negativity and gossip is poison and I know we are all guilty of it, no one is perfect.

So I just wanted to say, let's be happy and not focus on bad things. Let's think twice before possibly hurting someone else. I mean how lucky are we to know each other and have this amazing group of friends from all around?

I am truly grateful to know you, and I love sharing my ideas and learning from you as well. We are all connected, and we are such amazing supporters of each other. So today tell yourself, "I am good enough, and I will be a good person no matter what. There will be people who don't like me maybe hate me, but I will pray that they acquire the peace needed to be happy and spread happiness to others!" Everyone have an awesome day!! Thank you all!