Friday, December 16, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself!

Phew what a crazy pregnancy this has been! I was just sitting on the couch thinking about everything that has happened and I thought to myself, "Holy moly this has been a drama filled year!" First the Hyperemises, then the miscarriage scare, then getting sick with the flu and one day after getting better getting sick with a cold virus, oh then there was being rushed to the hospital for pre-term labor. At that point I kid you not I thought, "Wow if I can go through all this I can get through anything, bring it on!" Big mistake as two weeks later I was back in the hospital for four days with a big kidney stone!
Yes they are extremely painful, maybe more so than labor! I have strong beliefs against taking pain meds, and it took my Dr. telling me, "Either you take the drugs or we deliver this baby early and risk complications!" I can't say it was tough decision to make since the pain was awful and I was soo happy to pass that sucker just before going into surgery! So after that I had another visit for pre-term labor and now finally I am in the safe zone! I don't have to worry about stopping labor anymore and now the baby can come any day.
I can't tell you how relieved I am! So this is a celebration for me, because I am so done with the drama. I can't even imagine what kinds of things other women have gone through because I know there are others who have been through much worse. I just feel super blessed that the baby is healthy and growing and will be in my arms soon. Oh and you can bet your bottom I'm going to milk being on maternity leave, that means Garett has diaper duty specially the tar diaper duty lol! You know what I'm talking about!
Anyway I wanted to thank all of you for being so supportive and offering your prayers, they have made a huge difference! Ultimately I can honestly say I haven't suffered too much stress from all of this because ultimately it wasn't anything I didn't think I could get through, and I know things could have been so much worse.
When I think about the kids I already have, I just think how lucky I am to be having a third. Will I have a fourth? I'm thinking "No way Jose!" but really anyone who knows me well enough would say, "She's having more!" We'll see I know Garett wouldn't mind a fourth but I'm taking a five year break at least!! Maybe we could adopt one day, who knows!
Alright enough blabbering just felt like writing!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wonderland Hybrid kit!

Hope ya like it! Purchase it here!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just a little longer!

Well yesterday was pretty eventful considering I spent the whole day in the hospital. My poor brother who is an EMT had to rush me to the hospital yesterday for pre-term labor. I have to say with my other pregnancy that was the norm but this time it was so different and I was stupid to wait so long. The day started with very mild cramping which I thought I had no reason to be alarmed since it is fairly normal. Then all of a sudden horrible pain struck and kept getting worse. I waited an hour then decided since I could barely walk it was time to go. Good thing I did too because we did an ultrasound and found out that my cervix was very short and soft. The Dr. Said I will be having the baby early which we kinda already knew since my other two kids were very early only this time it!s way too early and he's afraid I'll deliver any day. So I have to take it easy and rush in at any sign of contractions so we can stop labor. No bed rest really just take it very easy. We're. Hoping I can keep the baby in for at least 4 more weeks, I'm hoping longer but if I can keep him in till 29 weeks he has a good chance of being born with minimal problems.
I've been through preterm labor several times with both my other pregnancies but we were able to stop labor before it affected my cervix this much so it's kinda alarming, not to mention the last time I was told this I delivered my son within the week six weeks early. He was as healthy as can be but there is a big difference between delivering at 26 weeks and 30 weeks. I have faith though that he will stay put, I won't lie and pretend that I'm not scared or worried because I am, but I'm confident that I can keep up with this and my OB will be checking me weekly maybe twice a week to insure I'm not progressing too fast.
You never know though, he could stay in much longer or he could be a Christmas baby just not a Halloween or Thanksgiving baby! So this means no traveling for me for the rest of this pregnancy, I'll be working from home and I'm working rescheduling some of my online classes until I'm in the clear so hopefully just by a couple of weeks. We'll be working on more digital hybrid kits I think a new one posts tonight. Other than I'm taking it easy. So there is my update to my eventful week. Suprisesingly enough I'm in good spirits since the baby is still doing exceptionally well even though he is a bit smaller than he should be he is very strong. Here's to having a uneventful next four weeks!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Print and make journey book!

Hello my lovely friends!

I just wanted to share my latest digital design, it's a hybrid mini journey book kit. It's so easy and so much fun to put together, you can print it right now and make as many of these little books as you like! The best part is, there is so much ephemera that you can print again and again and use them on other projects! Also every week I will be coming out with new inserts for this book design such as pockets, journal cards, and new cover designs so you can keep adding and junking up your book! I hope you like and thank you for stopping by!

You can find the digital kit to make this book here!

And other extras here!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prima and Tattered Angels Blog Hop

First up we have this sweet give-away:

Included are:

  • Prima Innoscense alterable flowers-3 packs
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For a chance to win the LOVELY prize above just visit some of the other blogs listed below and then go to the Prima blog and let us know your favorite altered Prima product spotted on one of the blogs!

(Comments will close September 14th at midnight PST. One lucky winner will be chosen on September 15th.)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog I am Marion Smith and I'm a Prima product designer and educator. Below are some pictures of some of projects made using the latest and greatest Prima products as well as Tattered Angels Glimmer mist. Believe it or not, all the distressing was done using glimmer mist in different shades of tan and brown. I'll be teaching these claases at Custom Impressions in Bellflower, California on September 23-24th and we're going to have so much fun so maybe I'll see some of you there! I hope you enjoy them!

Prima Blog:

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And finally hop on over to the...

Tattered Angels DT Blog:

Tattered Angels Blog

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What am I up to?

Hello my dear friends!

What a happy update this is as I am back in the swing of things and phew it took some work this week! Lots of new stuff going on this season, first new workshops at Custom Impressions can't wait for those as I have a fabulous gift for everyone that takes the whole weekend and I also like to give freebies away during the workshops so that is always fun!

Also we have lowered our shipping rates on the website, shipping to the U.S. now will never be over $5.99!!! I'm sure you'll all love that! Also we've doen away with most of our individual products and are putting our focus back on fabulous kits! Of course we will still carry specialty items and hard to find vintage goodies. Also, A Piece of Craft will be debuting it's own line of products designed by myself this winter. These product are not available for wholesale they are specialty items only our website will have available and possibly some other kit clubs etc. These will not be mass produced.

Lastly, my book if coming along nicely it's taken a lot of hard work to update everything and since I was sick all summer I got to give it a little love and care.

I want to thank all of you for being such wonderful support this summer, it means so much to me and I truly value your friendship.

Ok enough rambling, have an awesome day hope to see you all back here tmw as it is the Prima/Tattered Angels blog hop and I have a special post just for you and you could possible win prizes as well!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A very happy update!

I feel so relieved! I got my pathology report back and was happy to find out that the masses I brought in did not have any fetal tissue or placenta tissue which is very good news. So, we don't why I bled or passed the clots but lately I haven't had much bleeding just minimal spotting. This may be the norm for awhile.

Garett did get me a fetal Doppler so I could listen to the baby every day and he/she is still going strong! If you could see the smile on my face every time I hear it you would probably laugh at how love sick I look. I'm smiling as I write this right now lol!

I've been resting a lot, haven't left the house much but I think after this week I will be able to do more. Nausea at night has come back which is strange so I've been unable to sleep well, so I've been painting again.

Since I've been on bed rest I've also been working on my book and I'm so excited about that, my goal this year is to finally finish it. I'm actually working on a second book as well on mixed media painting, but that is only in the beginning stages. You guys know me, I always have to be doing something!

Anyway, I wanted to thank all of you for being there and for me and for all of the kind words. It's very comforting hearing your own experiences, it really makes me feel like I'm not alone in this. Thank you so much!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes being strong is hard to do

Well I'm glad I have a handy iPad since I will be in bed for awhile. I thought I may as well blog about this crazy week and maybe in a few months when I'm holding this baby I can look back and be reminded how lucky I am. I hope that's how this turns out. I'm so scared it feels like I cant think about much else. I've searching the Internet all day looking for answers and all I could find was horror stories, well they are horrific to me.

I'm haunted by what a Doctor told me today, he said that this may mean that I may miscarry but we'll keep an eye on it and get lots of rest. Then I read stories about women who miscarried just after seeing and hearing their baby. Boy am I dumb for reading those because that just made more afraid. Not afraid of the pain etc. But afraid for my baby, and afraid that if that were to happen I could never come back from it. "You have to try and rest and not stress out." says the Dr. Easy for you to say, it's I impossible!

Thankfully I have Garett who keeps saying, "Everything is going to be fine, I just have a really good feeling." Did you know when I thought I miscarried the other day he went straight to the computer to look up how to console someone going through a miscarriage? He amazes me! The kids are good to have around too, you can't help but smile when Brooke is walking her baby around the house in her pink stroller singing. Blake, he keeps bringing me cookies and food he really knows the way to my heart! Even when he sneaks a bite!

Anyway to shed light on what happened this morning, I woke up with more blood and clotting. Not as much as last time but it was not pretty and so scary. Got to the OB and listened for a heart beat and baby was still going strong. I really want to buy one of those dopler radios now so I can listen every day. Okay maybe every ten minutes, I cant help it. So I will continue to post about this pregnancy and hopefully soon these posts will become more happy and uplifting. Till then I'm going to search online for one of those radios!

Thank you all so much for the kind words and prayers, it means so much to me I can't even express how amazed and thankful you are all in my life!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

A horrifying start today.

Wow, is what I have to say about what happened today. I'm going to share another very personal experience, because this is my life and it's who I am. I'm an open book with nothing to hide and this is important to me.

I woke up this morning and I was having contractions, contractions that were a lot like labor contractions. I had a bad feeling right away and woke up Garett telling him I was scared because I know these kind of pains. A few seconds later I felt a gush and when I saw blood I immediately began whaling, "No, no, no, Oh my God!" when I reached the bathroom I expelled two fairly large masses and quite a bit of blood.

My whole world came crashing down and all I could do was sit there and cry aloud uncontrollably. Garett had to take the kids out of the room, and I called my OB. I explained what was happening and she told me it sounds like a miscarriage and that I needed to be seen asap because I'm so far along that it's rare and can cause other complications and they also want to figure why I miscarried. So we made an appointment for 11pm which was a few house from then.

I cried the entire time, I felt like I had already gone through so much the last few months and now that I am finally feeling better this happens. What did I do wrong? Then Garett came in to console me some more and I just said, "I really wanted this baby." I just kept saying it. I couldn't help but fall in love with it as soon as I found out I was pregnant. You know some people don't know that sometimes you feel that attachment right away, and the love is there and it's very strong. I sat there for what felt like forever just crying. Then I had to scoop my baby into a bag so the Dr. could run tests and I thought, "This is my baby, in this little ziplock bag, why?" it was the hardest thing I've ever done.

Finally we get to the Dr. and she does her tests and we all knew what it was but we wouldn't get an answer that said for sure till Friday. So I asked her, "Is there anyway we could find out more today?" and she said she could look for a heart beat and do an ultrasound later today just so I could lose any false hope I had. So she gets her little radio wand out and we start searching to make sure there wasn't a heart beat. Awhile goes by and I start crying then Dr. gasps and we all hear a heart beat.

I just started crying, I couldn't even hold it back. So she goes on to explain that sometimes people have what is called a vanishing twin. Where one baby doesn't develop all the way early in pregnancy and either your body absorbs it or you miscarry it later. She said that may be what happened but we don't know for sure till she sends the mass to be tested. She said it could also be hemorrhaging or a few other things.

Then we go in for the ultra sound to see how the baby is doing, and the baby is just full of life with a strong heart beat. They also checked for other complications or injuries in the uterus and didn't find anything. So, now we just wait to find out what happened.

What did I learn from this?? I learned that I am one very lucky, and fortunate person to be blessed with a family and a healthy baby. I also learned, that I don't have control over everything in my life and that some things are left to God and are a part of his plan. If I did lose a twin, it will be a very sad day Friday, but I will be happy still knowing that there is still a baby growing and living inside me that I will love forever. I will still love the baby I lost and feel like a part of my family is missing, but I know it wasn't meant to be, and maybe this was meant to happen so that I could learn how precious life is and share that experience with you.

I really hope that's not the case, because I know I'll take it harder than I think. There's still a good possibility it's not and so I hope it's nothing serious. What a roller coaster! So I have to take it easy for a few days at least and just ask that you bare with me this week as this will effect me getting things done that was requested, and answering emails. Artsy Addicts kits will still ship this week, but if you email me or requested something from me this week please be patient with me as I will likely stay off the internet for awhile and sleep off the stress. Thank you guys so much.

Marion Smith

Monday, June 27, 2011

What a rut!

Ok I've decided enough feeling sorry for myself lol! As much as I hate feeling this way, I'm really tired of thinking about it so much. I just want to go back to my happy self! So I'm going to try my best to be really positive this week and hopefully get some much needed work done. I know it's going to be rough, but laying on the couch with the puke bucket at my side whimpering all day is making it worse I think.

I'm itching to craft, so I thought maybe I would start something and work on it a little at a time. I have some online classes coming up like the Journey book class and the Create Record Book class that I am very nervous about because I'm afraid I won't be very cheery and I will have to run out every so often. I gotta do them though because they are already so delayed. I have a live with prima class too, but at least I get to take a break from LWP in July. I like to do my best for those classes so I want to make sure I really put my all into them.

After that I don't think I will be doing any live classes until late September except for LWP. October and on should be filled with lots of fun classes!

Oh did i mention the next Artsy Addicts kit is an embellishment kit! You can never have enough! The one after that is a rubber stamp making kit that is going to be soooo fun I can't wait!! You'll actually get the materials and the tools to make your own rubber stamps and I have a video tutorial for that kit as well! I can't wait!

Anyway enough blabbing this is sort of a boring post isn't it! Lol!

Thank you guys so much for being so understanding and supporting me through all of this. I'm so happy to have people like you in my life, and you can bet your bottom when my precious baby comes I will be crafting hardcore again!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYC retreat new dates

Oh boy what a crazy couple of weeks!

As most of you know I've become very ill with my pregnancy and will not be able to do the NYC retreat on July 9th and 10th. Because we have already paid for the venue as well as the kits we decided to reschedule the event for September 17th and 18th.

These are definite dates as I should be better by August and able to get back to my busy scrapbooking life. I feel horrible about having to change these dates, but I really want to be able to give this event my all, and with the condition I'm in right now I really can't do that. I'm just happy I've been through this twice before and know it only lasts 15 weeks.

I've gone ahead and added an extra goody to your tote bags for the event and I plan to do a free make and take at the crop as well. I can't wait to meet all of you and scrap the weekend away! Please note that this event is full, there is a wait list for those who can not make the new dates. Please contact me to get on the wait list.

If you can not make the new dates you will be refunded, however we need to be notified 30 days prior to the event or a refund will not be issued and you kits and tote bag will be shipped to you.

Below is the new information on the event and if you have any questions please email me at

Westbeth Gallery in New York City.
55 Bethune Street
New York, NY 10014


Saturday September 17th-
11:00am -2:00pm Journey Book Class
3:00pm - 6:00pm Portfolio Class
6:00pm - 10:00pm late night crop

Sunday September 18th
10:00am - 12:30pm Vintage Findings Book

What to bring:

Paint brushes
Napkins, paper plate, water cup
ink pads and tools,
paper trimmer
hole punch
acrylic block
glimmer mists
misting mat (We will also have a table set up where you can mist etc. if you do not have one.)
hot glue gun or thick quick dry glue
tape runner
wallet size photos (Optional)
Jump rings
Bone fold (Optional but highly recommended)
border punches (Optional)

Please bring your basic scrapbooking supplies PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE OFTEN FOR UPDATES!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Struggle With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hi everyone!

Many of you know already that I am expecting my third child. I'm so happy about the news, but it's no secret that I'm going through something very trying and difficult. I just want to warn you before you read this post further, that I am not going to spare many details, and some of the things I am going to tell you about are very graphic and personal. I'm serious, I'm writing this because I want you to know how serious Hyperemesis gravidarum is and why I have had to reschedule and cancel many trips this summer that I was so looking forward to.
Most would say that Hyperemesis gravidarum is basically severe morning sickness, which is true but it's so much more than that. You're basically super sick 24/7 for 15 weeks. Imagine having the stomach flu non stop only much worse for 15 weeks+. Even saying that doesn't sum it up well enough. This is my 3rd time having Hyperemesis gravidarum, and of course my family members remember the first time I had it with my son and when they found out i was pregnant a second time they thought I was crazy.
So here is the really gritty part, to help you understand exactly what Hyperemesis gravidarum does to you. There's the nausea which feels like the flu only worse, you're throwing up non stop and can keep nothing down. I'm talking throwing up to the point where all your stomach acid has already been vomited and so you're still trying to throw up and your stomach feels like it's turning inside out which is extremely painful. Then the acid reflux sets in and tears away at your throat, sinus, (yes I said sinus because it comes out of your nose too!) and esophagus. This is rough because then you get severe nose bleeds that drain into your stomach which is not good!
Then of course there's constipation from not having a bowel movement for weeks due to no food staying down. That is really horrible and extremely painful. At times it gets so bad you have to go the doctor where you really suck up your pride in order to get help. They literally have to make it come out for you but I will spare you that detail! Now because you can't keep anything down, you often get high key-tones or blood in your urine which can cause many other complications. When this happens you need immediate IV treatment to hydrate you. You also get severe kidney infections that cause horrible pains in your kidneys and lower back.
Now you're feeling really bad so your doctor starts giving the big dog meds like Zofran which is used for cancer patients to reduce nausea. Only it's not helping much. On top of all of this, you're over salivating, another weird but horrible symptom. You literally produce so much saliva you can't swallow it anymore so you constantly have to spit and by the end of the day if you collected it all you have about a gallon of saliva. Not exaggerating there one bit! It is truly disgusting. As if this is not enough, you also get contractions daily, and though they are not as bad as hard labor contractions, they are very scary and painful. Meanwhile, you cant help but go into a full blown depression.
Think how horrible it is not being able to cook dinner or clean your house. Simple things like checking your email is tough, and going to the store. Your daily routine is squashed and making breakfast and lunch for your children is so hard you break down and cry because you feel like you're a bad mother for feeding them cereal three days in a row. You go days without showering or even brushing your hair.
Finally you get to the near death point and your Doctor subscribes home health care with constant IV and a catheter that pumps Zofran in you 24 hours a day. That takes the edge off but you still miss eating food and changing the catheter site every day hurts and you end up running out of places because your legs have swollen mounds all over that ache for days to the point where you can't walk anymore.
After all that, my next appointment revealed that I lost 30 pounds from my before pregnancy weight. With my son Blake I gave birth 6 weeks early and I didn't even weigh what weighed before I was pregnant. With Brooke I was lucky and I wasn't hospitalized every weekend and I actually gained a little weight. I gave birth to her 7 weeks early. With both pregnancies I went into pre-term labor at 22 weeks and had to stop labor almost every weekend till my water broke. Now I'm going through it all again and I still have 8 weeks before it hopefully lets up.
I'm doing pretty good so far, I've only been hospitalized once, and I feel more prepared so I have been forcing fluids as much as I can and I think I'm keeping down maybe a half cup per day which my Dr. is going to flip about when he finds out but it's the best I can do. I suspect some kidney complications but I will know for sure this week.

This is just a little piece of what I'm experiencing, I wanted to share it because I know that there are some people out there who are confused or upset that I have had to postpone and reschedule events that I had planned for this summer. I am very sorry, and I want you know that I would never back out of any of my obligations if I didn't have good reason. For those who have said hurtful and mean things to me stating it's just morning sickness etc. well all I have to say is, this is my life and my family comes first and only second to God. Nothing anyone can say or do can change that. Yes I know some may think I'm crazy for having a third baby after all I've been through with my pregnancies, but it's worth it to me.
After having Blake, something inside me told me that there was another little soul waiting to be born to me and I knew I had to make that happen. After Brooke was born I heard that little voice again and I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't make it happen. I would spend my whole life feeling like someone was missing. So for however long I get that calling my family will keep growing. I love my children, they are the greatest blessings in my life, and I will not regret having them and I will not let anyone make me feel bad for bringing them into this world.

I want to thank all of my followers for being there for me and understanding and I hope this sheds some light on why I'm MIA a lot. I wish things were different and I had this amazing experience during this pregnancy, but I gotta deal with what I got and it will be all over soon and the end prize will be so wonderful. There are also some family matters I'm dealing with, but out of respect for my family I will keep that private until we have good news to share. Thank you all again so much and please bare with me over the next 8-10 weeks as I am moving slowly and I know some of you will be affected by it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Artsy Addicts Kit Club

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to finally announce that our Artsy Addicts kit club is in full launch! No more pre-ordering and no more missing out on these fabulous kits! Yes, we had some issues with members wanting the kits but they had sold out in pre-order to fast. Now with this auto monthly billing we are able to order the right amount of kits ahead of time to insure everyone gets a kit that wants one! Of course we will still be posting regular kits to the site as well and if there are any leftover kits those will be pasted too!

There are also so many member benefits to being an Artsy Addict, (You do not have to be in the kit club to take part in Artsy Addicts!) each week a few members will be featured on the Artsy Addicts new blog, they will get write their own blog post and share their talents with everyone! EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN ARTSY ADDICTS, it is an open group! There is no fee to join, unless you are purchasing the monthly kits. There is awesome swaps and giveaways as well, monthly challenges, the facebook group , and the new blog that will be launched by Angee soon!! I hope you join us this is going to be so much fun, and starting next year I will be touring the U.S. doing Artsy Addicts evens! I can't wait to meet some of you!

Click here for more info on the Kit Club!

Here is a peek at the first kit, price includes flat rate priority shipping!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Story Mixed Media Online Workshop!! DATE CHANGE!

Hello ladies!

You are going to get sick of me soon! I'm sorry to have to change the dates for the May My Story Mixed Media book class, but we have had a great deal of trouble dealing with one of the manufacturers. Everything for the kit has arrived except for the stamps, so we have rushed to re-order from another company to replace the stamp set with two different stamp sets to make up for it. We'll be using some awesome stamp sets from 7gypsies instead. Because this shipment won't be here till nest week we have to push the class date back a bit to the 28th and 29th at 5:30pm pst.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, I know it is very frustrating but this was totally unexpected and you can imagine my surprise when I opened the packages and realized there were no stamps! I was assured the stamps would get to me by the 27th after realizing they were not shipped with the last box and still they do not have them in stock so I have no choice but to replace them. I am still very excited about the class and I know you will love the two new sets! Kits will start shipping as soon as the stamps arrive and you will receive instructions on how to get to the class. There will also be a video link with instructions on how to prepare your kit. The class will be recorded if you can not attend live.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Marion Smith

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am asking you for help!

Hi everyone!

Today I have something to share that is very personal and it has to do with special needs orphans. When I started this charity drive I didn't explain to anyone why I was doing it because I felt that maybe it would be an over share and all that really mattered was getting the word out and bringing more awareness to you all.

Well today I want to tell you why I have chosen to do this and why it is personal to me. When I was in Junior high my Mom became a nanny to a little boy with Down Syndrome. She continued to nanny him through most of high school. This little boy was the sweetest most loving child you will ever meet. A lot of the time he would spend days at our house while his parents were away on trips which was frequently. He quickly became our little brother and my whole family loved him so much. Eventually he began calling my Mom "Mommy" and though she tried to explain to him that she was not it was very difficult because she was taking care of him every day till bed time.

Well his real Mommy didn't like the closeness of their relationship and my Mom was let go. We were heartbroken knowing we would likely never see him again. About 2 years later we found out that he had been put up for adoption when his parents went through a terrible divorce. We had no other information and finding him was nearly impossible. I can't tell you how hard my Mom took it and we all just felt so unbelievably hurt and angry that something like that would happen to such a wonderful person. I still think about him all the time and hope and pray that someone wonderful adopted him and that he is happy.

This is why I want to do this Charity Drive for Reece's Rainbow. Reece's Rainbow is a Ministry that helps people adopt children with special needs. As we know it is very expensive to adopt a child and there are so many loving parents out there who want to adopt these children but just don't have enough money. Reece's Rainbow helps by issuing grants to those parents so that they can adopt a child with special needs.

Now here's the sad part, a lot of these beautiful babies are in group homes, never having a consistent parent or companion. Can you imagine needing someone, just someone and not really having anyone? It's heartbreaking! Everyone needs a family to love.

I'm asking you to help me raise awareness and money through your art, all you have to do is make a 4"x4" chipboard backed art piece and send it to:

Marion Smith Orphan Charity Drive
Prima Marketing, Inc.
5564 Edison Ave. Chino, CA 91710

Please send your tiles in by June first. Please add some dimension. Once we receive enough we will put them together to make several art collages that will be auctioned off for this Charity. I hope you can find a little bit of time to do this because it will make such a huge difference! I want to thank you in advance for helping me with this, and I hope we can raise enough to get a few children adopted! How awesome would that be! Thank you all so much for supporting me on my little journey's it really means so much!

Please watch this video to learn more about Reece's Rainbow

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Notations Kit by: Teresa Collins! Pre-Order Spring release!

I am so excited for these new Spring Releases by Teresa Collins! They are so Vintage and just awesome! I just put my order in for an awesome kit including the entire notions collection! Yes the whole collection! So the kit includes all of the 12x12 papers, tags, accessories, and the mini album kit which is loaded with yummy stuff like file folders and envelopes! Pre-order yours now as I only ordered one set. Estimated shipping is late April but will likely be sooner since I put my order in as soon as I got the email! Click here to get your kit!

Friday, April 1, 2011

We are connected!

Today let's all have an awesome day filled with family and happiness! After some not so nice email this morning I just feel like I need to have a good time and appreciate all the good things in my life. I need to accept that not everyone will like me and that there are people out there who turn things around and make things into something they are not just to hurt you for no good reason at all. It's a big bite to swallow, but why worry about that when those people don't matter.

All that matters is your family and God. I think everyone should give each other the benefit of the doubt and try to see the good things in each other. When I say family I'm talking about all of us because we are all connected! How wonderful would it be if we all focused on loving each other and being happy for eachother? Most of the time it is that way and I am so happy to be surrounded by all of the positive energy.

There is a lot of room in this world for all of our creativity and we should all support each other in that, be happy for each other and help each other when it is needed. Negativity and gossip is poison and I know we are all guilty of it, no one is perfect.

So I just wanted to say, let's be happy and not focus on bad things. Let's think twice before possibly hurting someone else. I mean how lucky are we to know each other and have this amazing group of friends from all around?

I am truly grateful to know you, and I love sharing my ideas and learning from you as well. We are all connected, and we are such amazing supporters of each other. So today tell yourself, "I am good enough, and I will be a good person no matter what. There will be people who don't like me maybe hate me, but I will pray that they acquire the peace needed to be happy and spread happiness to others!" Everyone have an awesome day!! Thank you all!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Special Needs Orphan Charity Drive

Ship your tiles to:

Marion Smith
Orphan Charity Drive
Prima Marketing, Inc.
5564 Edison Ave. Chino, CA 91710

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mixed Media Book Live show!

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that tonight is my live show and I'm going all from scratch tonight! Yep I'm going to make a neat little book and I'll be drawing using Faber-Castell Memory Craft Pens! Show starts at 6:30pm PST Hope to see you there click here to watch!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Live Art Journal Show Tonight!

Glimmer Mist Super Kit!

Yaye our Glimmer Mist super sale is back but this time, Marion has hand picked some of her favorite most used colors for you! You will get 20 bottles of glimmer mist saving you $54!!!! These will not last long so get yours now! This is pre-order only until February 21st! After that they will no longer be available for purchase! Estimated shipping is March 1st! Click here to get yours!

Caribbean Blue
Crushed Shells
Mustard Seed
Vintage Pink
Walnut Gold
Old Lace
Coffee Shop
Crème De Rouge
Sealed With a Kiss
Snow Queen
Jingle Bells
Blue Skies
Jack Frost
Sweet Pea
Jazz Blue