Monday, June 27, 2011

What a rut!

Ok I've decided enough feeling sorry for myself lol! As much as I hate feeling this way, I'm really tired of thinking about it so much. I just want to go back to my happy self! So I'm going to try my best to be really positive this week and hopefully get some much needed work done. I know it's going to be rough, but laying on the couch with the puke bucket at my side whimpering all day is making it worse I think.

I'm itching to craft, so I thought maybe I would start something and work on it a little at a time. I have some online classes coming up like the Journey book class and the Create Record Book class that I am very nervous about because I'm afraid I won't be very cheery and I will have to run out every so often. I gotta do them though because they are already so delayed. I have a live with prima class too, but at least I get to take a break from LWP in July. I like to do my best for those classes so I want to make sure I really put my all into them.

After that I don't think I will be doing any live classes until late September except for LWP. October and on should be filled with lots of fun classes!

Oh did i mention the next Artsy Addicts kit is an embellishment kit! You can never have enough! The one after that is a rubber stamp making kit that is going to be soooo fun I can't wait!! You'll actually get the materials and the tools to make your own rubber stamps and I have a video tutorial for that kit as well! I can't wait!

Anyway enough blabbing this is sort of a boring post isn't it! Lol!

Thank you guys so much for being so understanding and supporting me through all of this. I'm so happy to have people like you in my life, and you can bet your bottom when my precious baby comes I will be crafting hardcore again!



kraftybuns said...
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kraftybuns said...

Feel better Marion!! Just think about your new little cupcake that will be born! Don't think about feeling yucky. Have a good day!!

I go by CHIC said...

I really hope you fell better soon Marion. Been pregnant is supposed to be a wonderful joyous occasion, unfortunatley not for all. Im sory you are feeling so unwell.....just keep swimming and I hope time and pregnancy passes quickly....those first little kicks are something to look forward too. Scrapbooking will always be there so dont worry, enjoy what you can at present and soon you can show off your new little creation to the whole world. Someone else to scrap :-)

Linn said...

feel better marion :) there are still a lot of gals out there that need to see your work and learn from you. thanks for all the inspiration this gal has sure enjoyed watching you work

Diane Ridpath said...

Your post isn't boring at all. I feel so sorry for your sickness but am so happy for your little bun in the oven. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I thought they had meds for that these days? It's been a loooooong time since I had mine. :) I wish you well.

Live Love and Scrap said...

Wow Marion, I just read about everything you are going through and I just cant even imagine!!! I pray you will have some relief soon!!!


McCine said...

I can't imagine being that sick DURING pregnancy... but, i have had a stomach infection to the point of meeting my stomach acid and yes.. that is desperately painful. it took me until i was laying on the ground just gagging to even get to the emergency room. i had severe pre-eclampsia with my little Tornado (he's 4 now) and was in the hospital every week for my last trimester for "serial blood pressures"... completely understand. after, i ended up having heart failure two days after being discharged and missed the very first week of my baby boy... have vowed to never miss another day like that..
the point of this long drawn out comment..? You can most definitely BEAT this as you have twice now. When things are at their worst, focus on yer two angels helping Mommy bring their little baby brother or sister into the world by just loving you. :-) Work will ALWAYS be there.. and will we all that support you and care..!

Libby said...

Praying for you, your sweet baby in progress, Blake, Brooke and your husband. I was just thinking... where has Marion been and I came here and cannot believe the suffering that is going on in your life. Congratulations on #3 and for continuing to fill the earth with beautiful people. Libby

Pookie said...

God will carry you. :-) He is very good that way. Don't worry about a thing. Just take care of your family and know that we aren't going anywhere. :-) This to shall pass..
I will say a prayer for you. I know what it's like. Just know you will be you feel like you again. (((HUGS))


Irini said...

I do hope you feel better by the day, you seem to be a lovely person and things will be bright for you and your family in the future. My best friend had to face the same while pregnant, so I kind of understand.. All my best wishes to one of the craftiest person EVER on line!!! Regards from Greece, Irene

Lisa said...

oh wow! I've had computer issues and haven't been able to get on in a while. So I had to go back to the June 20th post. Congratulations on your new little one. And Bless you! I will pray that you may have an easier time and peace, knowing that you are bringing forth a child for God is very important work.