Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby update

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for understanding and all your kind words and prayers. So far things are looking good, I went the whole week without any contractions! I'm definately feeling better about it all now, but I'm still on my toes. The baby moves a lot and is doing really well. I'm itching to scrap so bad but all my stuff is still packed away from the move! Oh and guess what, we're moving again March 1st!! I know it's crazy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm back!

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I have not been able to do anything the last few months. I had an unexpected pregnancy complication in addition to everything else. For some reason I keep going into labor and so I am on bed rest and in and out of the hospital it seems every other day. Thank goodness for tributilyn (not sure how to spell it) it's the only drug that stops the contractions. Just found out I'm dilated to 3cm last week so I have to take it really easy since I'm only 25 weeks along.
About the ATC club so sorry I'm so behind I haven't even looked at any of them, however I am going to be sending them off to someone who will be taking over for me. I did notice that there are much few for Nov & Dec so you may get some of your cards back. Please do not send any more cards untill I get the address of the new host. I will post a blog soon when I confirm everything with her. Once again I'm sorry I haven't been on to update you sooner, it's been on my mind but I've had so much going on it's been very stressful. Thank you everyone for being so amazing. When all is better I will resume the tutorials and posts.