Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What am I up to?

Hello my dear friends!

What a happy update this is as I am back in the swing of things and phew it took some work this week! Lots of new stuff going on this season, first new workshops at Custom Impressions can't wait for those as I have a fabulous gift for everyone that takes the whole weekend and I also like to give freebies away during the workshops so that is always fun!

Also we have lowered our shipping rates on the website, shipping to the U.S. now will never be over $5.99!!! I'm sure you'll all love that! Also we've doen away with most of our individual products and are putting our focus back on fabulous kits! Of course we will still carry specialty items and hard to find vintage goodies. Also, A Piece of Craft will be debuting it's own line of products designed by myself this winter. These product are not available for wholesale they are specialty items only our website will have available and possibly some other kit clubs etc. These will not be mass produced.

Lastly, my book if coming along nicely it's taken a lot of hard work to update everything and since I was sick all summer I got to give it a little love and care.

I want to thank all of you for being such wonderful support this summer, it means so much to me and I truly value your friendship.

Ok enough rambling, have an awesome day hope to see you all back here tmw as it is the Prima/Tattered Angels blog hop and I have a special post just for you and you could possible win prizes as well!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A very happy update!

I feel so relieved! I got my pathology report back and was happy to find out that the masses I brought in did not have any fetal tissue or placenta tissue which is very good news. So, we don't why I bled or passed the clots but lately I haven't had much bleeding just minimal spotting. This may be the norm for awhile.

Garett did get me a fetal Doppler so I could listen to the baby every day and he/she is still going strong! If you could see the smile on my face every time I hear it you would probably laugh at how love sick I look. I'm smiling as I write this right now lol!

I've been resting a lot, haven't left the house much but I think after this week I will be able to do more. Nausea at night has come back which is strange so I've been unable to sleep well, so I've been painting again.

Since I've been on bed rest I've also been working on my book and I'm so excited about that, my goal this year is to finally finish it. I'm actually working on a second book as well on mixed media painting, but that is only in the beginning stages. You guys know me, I always have to be doing something!

Anyway, I wanted to thank all of you for being there and for me and for all of the kind words. It's very comforting hearing your own experiences, it really makes me feel like I'm not alone in this. Thank you so much!