Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just a little longer!

Well yesterday was pretty eventful considering I spent the whole day in the hospital. My poor brother who is an EMT had to rush me to the hospital yesterday for pre-term labor. I have to say with my other pregnancy that was the norm but this time it was so different and I was stupid to wait so long. The day started with very mild cramping which I thought I had no reason to be alarmed since it is fairly normal. Then all of a sudden horrible pain struck and kept getting worse. I waited an hour then decided since I could barely walk it was time to go. Good thing I did too because we did an ultrasound and found out that my cervix was very short and soft. The Dr. Said I will be having the baby early which we kinda already knew since my other two kids were very early only this time it!s way too early and he's afraid I'll deliver any day. So I have to take it easy and rush in at any sign of contractions so we can stop labor. No bed rest really just take it very easy. We're. Hoping I can keep the baby in for at least 4 more weeks, I'm hoping longer but if I can keep him in till 29 weeks he has a good chance of being born with minimal problems.
I've been through preterm labor several times with both my other pregnancies but we were able to stop labor before it affected my cervix this much so it's kinda alarming, not to mention the last time I was told this I delivered my son within the week six weeks early. He was as healthy as can be but there is a big difference between delivering at 26 weeks and 30 weeks. I have faith though that he will stay put, I won't lie and pretend that I'm not scared or worried because I am, but I'm confident that I can keep up with this and my OB will be checking me weekly maybe twice a week to insure I'm not progressing too fast.
You never know though, he could stay in much longer or he could be a Christmas baby just not a Halloween or Thanksgiving baby! So this means no traveling for me for the rest of this pregnancy, I'll be working from home and I'm working rescheduling some of my online classes until I'm in the clear so hopefully just by a couple of weeks. We'll be working on more digital hybrid kits I think a new one posts tonight. Other than I'm taking it easy. So there is my update to my eventful week. Suprisesingly enough I'm in good spirits since the baby is still doing exceptionally well even though he is a bit smaller than he should be he is very strong. Here's to having a uneventful next four weeks!