Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here is the Video from the Live Show last night if you missed it! The whole family ended up crafting!  

We are very excited and want to announce our winner from the giveaway. Congratulation to Sarah Spindell creatinsarah she won the entire Vintage Trinket line by Marion Smith.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Live Scrapbook show tonight
 with Marion & Garett Smith
Tuesday July10, 2012 @6:00 cst

Make sure you are watching the live show tonight because we are going to be showing some tips and techniques, giveaways, and new projects that we are very excited to be working on. 

Supplies needed for tonight:
Claudine Hellmuth multi-medium
Marion Smith Printables if you have them

New Announcement! After many requests, you can now pre-order my new line Romance Novel on my site or you can order a grab bag of the line. The earlier you order the sooner you'll get yours they start shipping after CHA as soon as I get it all in! Enjoy!

Click here to order Marion's Romance Novel! Pre order before anywhere else!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Post Card Mini Book by Garett Smith

Post Card Mini Book by Garett Smith

This mini was really fun because I used a bunch of fun pictures of the kids. Summer time is my favorite time of the year.Watermelons are ripe and the tea sweet and ice cold. In this mini album I am writing notes to my kids in the form of post cards so that they can remember some of the fun times they had with me "there daddy." Enjoy the pictures and this great weather. I hope everyone had a great July 4th. See you later! 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

A new Journey

Well to say that I have been very busy is an understatement! In the last 40 days I have taught 18 workshops not including the ones online, moved to Texas, released one product line with Prima, and found my dream studio! Let's hope everything goes well with the walk through!

Yes an art studio! This studio however will not be just mine, it's going to be yours too! And best of all this studio will be dedicated to teaching free art classes to orphan children and children with special needs. That's right, free art classes for little angels that need a special break from their sometimes difficult lives. So excited to finally get all of the Reeces Rainbow tiles ready for public auction at the new studio and online too! It's taken long enough an I can finally say we are ready to get the ball rolling again so please stay tuned for those updates.

That's not all though, I will also be teaching workshops at the studio and hold special events so I am very excited about that as well. Where is it? Well it's in Texas but I can't give away too much just yet.

Romance Novel By: Marion Smith for Prima Marketing
Also I have a new adventure and surprise to share with you! I've been keeping a secret! I have been designing a new line of products with a new company! Yes I know I am crazy but I really love this company and since it's not in direct competition with my first love Prima it's a match made in heaven! That new line will release publicly before CHA!

Oh but that can't be it! I've also partnered with another company in the jewelry industry and I am very excited to start teaching workshops for them this year, that company will be announced this summer as well! It's a new avenue for me, but I've always loved beading and making my own jewelry! enough about me! Someone else has been super busy as well! That person is Garett Smith my husband, I'm so proud to say that Garett will be releasing his own product line with another company next year! Watch out ladies, cause he's bringing something very new to this industry and I have a feeling you are going to fall in love with his designs!

Lastly, with all good news comes some bad too but I'm in good spirits and when the time is right I will share all. I'm happy with where I am at in my life right now, and I'm only excited about making my life more positive and healing from all the negativity that surrounds us on a daily basis. Consider this my new years because I have a whole new resolution, and that is to always do what is best for my family and to let go of all the negative things in my life. I hope all of you can do the same....let's make a pact to be as optimistic as possible and forgive and forget every day! Let's be one of those super happy people that we often can find annoying lol! This is OUR year ladies, don't worry, be happy!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Announcement for July!
Mixed Media Printables.


Saturday we were in need of some good old antique shopping to get some creative juices flowing for the week ahead. Of course the kids came with Garett and I and they were so cute in all the shops. They are such great kids so curious of everything around them. I love to just sit back and watch them explore. Our first destination was The Doves Nest a cute gift shop and restaurant in the historical downtown Waxahachie, Texas.


We found a perfect spot for a quick family photoshoot.
 Look how big Beckam is getting!

We'll see you later!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Please watch video for a quick tutorial and details for the Prima free Digital download!

Marion xoxo