Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Madeline kit


Amanda said...

Hi Marion,

This paperpack can we purchase it pre-cut like this with the scallop edge?? I have never seen paperpacks like this before.
Do you make your own kits or do you purchase them pre-made?

Thanks. :)

Marion said...

Hi Amanda I make the kits myself and I also cut them myself. I have a hard time finding this paper now, but it was available at Miachael's before. Lately I have not seen it and I think Bluemoon may be out but they always re-order.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion,
what type of die cut machine do you to cut the scallops if you don't mind sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion,
Love your albums and really appreciate the vids that you do for us. I would love to know how to cut these scalloped books, too!!! Thanks for all of the fabulous creative ideas that you share!


Stamping at tiffanys' said...

hi marion!! I tried to email you but i was having some problems! anyways i was wondering how to join the ggs club? if you could email me at thanks so much!

Marion said...

Hi guys you can use teh Accucut or bigshot. The accucut is amazing!!

Eve said...

Hi Marion! I was really interested in joinig your club. I've emailed you but been having some trouble. If you could kindly let me know that would be great! I love your you have any of the limited edition shuffle album kits left?