Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just chitter chatter

Hi everyone! So I have some awesome news, we just bought our first house yesterday!! What a releif after all the drama from the last house we almost bought. I can't wait to move it and make in my own. It's been on my mind all day, I was even thinking about it in the shower!! lol Anyway I'm so excited and I can't wait to design the scraproom of my dreams he he he. Also I had some emails with some questions about my life so I'm going to answer those real quick. Ha ha

My labour with Brooke was very difficult as she came out took two hours of lots of pain lol. But she is darn cute and healthy even though she was a preemie like her brother.

I still plan to have more kids even though both my babies had problems coming out the right way lol

We plan to move into our new home mid August

The kit club is awesome come join us!

Wow that was quick!!


Jill W. said...

It's awesome that the kiddos are going to grow up in a home and feel like they truly belong to a neighborhood!!
The only words of wisdom I can impart is that if you think its going to cost $X to maintain your home trust that it will cost $XX (always, and I mean always, double it)
Have Fun!

Stephanie said...

Hey Marion!! Enjoy the new home to raise your beautiful family. Enjoy and dream away about how to make it your own home and THE PIECE OF CRAFT.COM SCRAP ROOM!!!hhheee woow can't wait to see picts of that!
with a grin,

Velma said...

So happy for you! You're gonna be a busy bee! When I bought my first home, i never wanted to leave, we'd go to Home Depot and hurry to get back. You'll enjoy your "very own home".

Hope Simpson said...

Congratulations Marion!!!!! A week early what a pleasant surprise!!! It's funny how you view and treat your home differently when you own. I agree with Velma, Home Depot will be a regular weekend stop :-} lol.

KeeponScrappin said...

Hey Marion! CoNgRaTs! on your new home. This is so exciting. I can't wait to see your craft room. Hey if you need an extra pair of hands to decorate...let me know. heehee

Jessica said...

Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you!!! What an exciting point in your life :) Enjoy every moment! We'll be moving together on opposite ends of the coast :) I hope I get a scrap room. We'll see ... now just to convince hubby :)