Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA from the blog for awhile! I have been soo busy with the kit club it's insane. I'm hoping to get a little sneak peek video done tonight of some upcoming kits, and maybe some new technique vids for Bluemoon!! Anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone and let ya know I am still alive lol!

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Amy said...

Glad to see your still with us! Life can get crazy...it happens! Don't worry, Be Happy! Oh no, now that song is in my head!!! Anyway, I had 3 questions about the kit club. 1 - Do you have to commit to 12 months? 2 - Are the kits always $35.00/month and 3 - If you join can you easily stop for some reason (ex. say if my hubby realizes how much I spend on scrap supplies?)

Basically I would love to try it, when are the next available spots open?