Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thank you!

I just wanted to give a special thanks out to Leslie for being my first sale at my Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy the mini album kit, and I added a little gift that I hope you enjoy as well! The next two sales at my Etsy shop will also receive a free gift from me as a special thanks. I'm very excited now, and I hope this is the start of something good. I have some more very fun kits coming, so when this last kit sells I will post those. Thanks again everyone for all the support you guys are great! Oh and by the way the link to my Etsy store is in the left hand column under my links. Thanks again!


Leslie said...

Wow! I had no idea I was the first sale...saw that little album and just fell in love with it! Can't wait til it arrives!!!!!

Leslie said...

Got my kit in today's mail!!! That was fast. It is adorable and I have already been working on the album tonight. :) WIll send you a pic or 2 when I've completed it.

Thanks Marion!!!!

Leslie said...

Hey Marion- the mini album is done and I've posted pics up on my blog...Hope you stop over and check it out. What a great kit!!!!

Thanks again- L