Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Dad's shop and Blog

Hello everyone! So today I spent the day helping my Dad set up an Etsy store and a blog. My Dad is photographer and I convinced him to start selling his photos online because I am his biggest fan. So I thought I would write a little post with his links so all my dear friends on here could go and give him a visit, and maybe get some neat photos to hang on their wall. After all if it weren't for all the great photos he takes, I probably wouldn't be a scrapper! So please go and visit his store and leave a little comment on his blog. Thanks guys!

Click here to visit Steve's store

Click here to visit Steve's Blog

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JackieLou said...

great news. Such a nice daughter you... hehehe. Oh yeah I posted a pic of the mini album on my blog... It's just the front page though. i will post the rest tomorrow. hehehehe hope I gave the kit justice hehehehe.