Friday, July 25, 2008

My special chipboard technique


Hi im Acie said...

I love this! i cant believe you got all thouse little chipy letters for $1, bargin. Im jealous :P great work though!

Lisa said...

Cool technique!! TFS

Anonymous said...

I had a question: Can you use regular acrylic paint or does it have to be puffy paint? I am new at this and really really appreciate all your videos and help! You are awesome!
Also, how do you find time to scrap with little ones? Do you wait for naptime? Do you have a magical exersaucer that keeps them entertained for a long time? :) I struggle to find time since I am a SAHM of a 7 month old. Sadly, I just don't get much sleep if I want to do it all.
Thanks again,

Marion said...

Diane! Ha ha I scrap really late at night and I nap when my kids nap. Yes, you can use regular acrylic paint, it just won't be as shiny or bumpy.

Susana said...

Thanks so much for the idea :) I was wondering, I used acrylic paint but mine did not turned out too sparkly. Was it because of the different paint I used? When I used the acrylic paint, it turned out shiny! but not sparkly like yours. Also, do you mind letting me know the brand of the chipboards you bought at target! thanks for posting the video!! :)