Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can I break a promise?

Can I break a promise? Ok, so I promised I would post another video tonight but I am so lazy! Today I went to Turlock to set up a booth for OFTM at a little home shopping event thing, and it actually wore me out. I had to lug two super heavy boxes up a huge flight of stairs, my wrist was killing me eeek! Yes I have wrist problems bad!! Ouch! Anyhow, it was fun, I introduced some cute little old ladies to Grungeboard and they actually made some pretty cute tags! Ok well maybe only one did lol. Anyhow I got to exercise my sales skills a bit! Ok enough of that, yes, yes, yes, I will post a new video tonight even though I don't want to. See how much I love you! Oh and guess what! Can you say, "How to"? Yup it's going to be a "How to" segment! Stay tunned to see what it's about! Happy Scrapin!

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