Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cottage Chic Printer Challenge!

Thanks to everyone that participated in this fun challenge/giveaway. As you all know we are giving away a free laser printer to one very special person. We also want to thank everyone who has purchased the Cottage Chic printable journal. Here are some videos that were sent to us for this giveaway.
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  We will be announcing the winner soon!


blkossomsinpink said...

Hello, i sent my video but do not see it here. Thanks tammy

blkossomsinpink said...

Hello, wanted to see when the winner would be announced. Thanks

gma654 said...

Me too!

Giselle Rose said...

I was just wondering if you announced a winner?

Joanne said...

Who won?? When are you going to announce the winner.

MOMENTS by Liz said...

Is the Cottage Mini Printable no longer available for sale :_(
It looks so pretty!
I'd love to get it :-)