Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How did I forget!??

Oh my goodness!! How did I not post about my sweet baby? Sheesh my memory is squashed! I guess I posted it everywhere else and forgot about the blog! Well my poor blog keeps getting neglected so I am making a change and I'm going to post everything to my blog instead of my facebook all the time. Anywho, here is my birth story, my crazy birth story! (Of course right?)

So I woke up one morning extremely swollen, I mean my legs and hands looked a lot like the Nutty Professor's hands lol! So I made a little post on my facebook about how I was tired of being so swollen. A few of my facebook friends commented and said that doesn't sound good. So, the next morning I called my Dr. and he said to come in right away so I called Garett at work and he rushed home to take me to the Dr.
When we got to the Dr. the nurse took my blood pressure and left the room. Seconds later my Dr. came in and took it again and listened to the baby's heart beat and then she left without saying much. She then came back in and took it again and left without saying much. Finally she came back in and said, "You need to go to the hospital right now we're going to deliver you for hypertension. I already called the hospital they are waiting for you and I will follow you over right now but do not stop anywhere, go straight there." Now I've been going to the same Dr. for the past 5 years and we have a pretty close relationship which is why she can talk to me so frank, plus she happens to know me too well sometimes.
So I get to the hospital around noonish and when I get there we discover I'm already contracting on my own, in fact I dilated a whole centimeter during the 2 minutes it took to get there. So before we start inducing the hospital has to run some blood tests to check for liver damage and protein in the urine. Both tests came back negative and the hospital wanted to send me home until I was further in labor. At this point contractions were not getting worse and labor was not progressing.
Next thing I know my regular Dr. calls and he's P.O'ed! He tells the hospital not to release me that we have to induce. The hospital keeps fighting him saying there is no protein or liver damage and that according to their policies they can't induce without those two conditions. So my Dr. says, "The point of inducing is so we can prevent there from every being liver or kidney damage, we already know she has hypertension we're just catching it early. Hospital still says no way! Then my Dr. comes in and induces me anyway and tells the hospital he'll go in front of the board later.
So now we start the petosin (I think I spelled it right!) only we just do a tiny amount because I'm still contracting on my own. Oh my then I was really hurting! About an hour later I was at 6cm when the nurse checked me, right after she checked I told her, "I need to push right now!" she said no because I was only at 6. I said, "Check again because this baby is coming now and we need to get my midwife in here now!" so she checks again and there was no cervix left and we were a little panicked. So she calls my midwife in. Midwife comes in and checks and says we should do a few practice pushes. So I'm on my third set of little pushes and Garett says, "Uh I see the head!" My midwife turns around without any of her gear on yet and catches the baby in mid air as he shoots out! I'm not kidding, there was no table under me and he would have fell on the floor. He literally shot out of me it was hilarious!

"Look at that blond hair!" my midwife says, and I shot up to see as I say, "No way!" sure enough he's got blond hair! Not only that but I can see as he's handed to me that he is powder white unlike my last two kids who are olive toned with brown hair. It was a nice little surprise!


Ok so most of you may not know this, but when you are induced they have to keep pumping petosin in ya, so you still have horrible contractions for a long time after birth. It was horrible! When they finally took me off the petosin the next day I was still in a lot of pain. This was by far the most painful recovery I've had after labor. I really have a huge appreciation for the nurses in labor and delivery. There's really nothing like having to have another person clean you up and change your dressings every hour as well as help you in the restroom. I guess I never appreciated being able to clean myself up after going potty before, but I do now! I can't express just how grateful I am to my Dr., Dr. Harvey and my midwives, Blanca, Irene, and Seanna as well as my nurse Jet!

Ok last bit of story, so a day or so later the certificate lady comes in and we don't have a name for the baby yet. For the last 8 months I kept telling everyone we were not going to pick another "B" name, but we didn't have a name picked out, not even one we kinda liked. Meanwhile I had the TV on and there was an interview with David Beckham. I turned an looked at Garett and said, "Hey Beckham would be a cool name!" he likes it and we write it down only we change the spelling to Beckam.

So here is my beautiful son Beckam whom we are totally in love with. The kids are so great with him, only thing is....where is Mommy in those blue eyes, blond hair, and powder white skin?? Garett says, "I finally have one that looks like me!" He he I guess he's right! Although Blake has grayish green eyes and looks a lot like Daddy too!

So after all this Garett comes to me a few days later and says, "Hey we have a Spring baby, a summer baby, and a winter baby now, all we need now is a fall baby!"



Nikki said...

wow that is a great story and funny. Im so glad that you both are doing good. Congrats!!! Now you have more to scrap about hee hee hee... like we ever need a reason, right!! you have some beautiful reason to scrap take care!!

peggylee said...

Love your baby story, how awesome his birth was, he was ready to come and to meet his family...congrats to you and garett!!! lol I laughed at the fall baby yes that would be super sweet 4 season babies...more differently to scrap can't wait to see him grow up with your other beautiful children...you are such a wonderful mom.

Tina Campbell said...

Wow what a story. Congrats to you both. You have a beautiful baby

Lezlye said...

That's a great story! Love the name, I think I would smack my hubby too! I have three kids too, my boys were 14 months apart!

Myrto said...

This is an amazing story with a happy -happy end. Congratulations!

lissa8506 said...

That is a great story! You never realize how much you love you independence until you don't have it! I love nurses that are willing to go the extra mile for their patients! He is a doll! Congrats!

Asphodel said...

Beckam is adorable!! So glad everything went well and that you are both healthy, congrats to you and your family :)

Elisabeth said...

I am sooo happy for you that finally all turned out well despite the terrible pregnancy!!!! So good to hear about it and the picture is adorable. Congratulations!!!!!!

Vick said...

Hahahaha i love the whle story hun but the Smack bit at the end was hilarious!!! love your sense of humour, its very much like mine, my boys are all grown up now, im 45this year but i have a loving husband and am on a few DT's so i have love in my heart, art in my heart and friends in my heart, happy to meet you , i have loved your work for a long time, hugs from the U.K, Vick xx