Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back on Live With Prima!!!

Hello ladies!

I'm so happy to get back on the band wagon! Tmw is my first Live With Prima show since I've been on Maternity leave! I can't wait to do a class with all of you again, I've missed ya! Since it's my first show back I have something super fabulous to give away plus as usual Prima will be giving one lucky viewer a prize as well! Show starts at 6:30pm pdt! To go to the show click here!

Here is what we are making! Hope to see you all there!


MzRichful's Crafty thoughts said...

Awesome! Welcome back.. no more kiddies for u missy.. ur gone too long! Lol. Hope all is well love. Can't wait to see ur creations. Hugs!

The Ethereal Artist said...

It's so awesome to have you back. You were greatly missed but children are definitely worth it!!!

Jordanna DiPietro-Vigliotta said...

I Love these papers! The Black tassel is an awesome touch!