Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun new kits!

I'm working on some new mini album kits, and they are so cute. I will post when they are done. Also my videos are still stuck in limbo help!!


Stephanie said...

heeee so excited to seeing your NEW KITS !!!

Jill W. said...

Yeah, I've noticed that if I have one of your videos in my favs I can view it but if not I can't retrieve??? I thought it was me...oh well, I'm sure I'll do something wrong next time...LOL
Looking forward to your new videos. I tracked down the paper and butterfly cardstock pieces and I'm going to do a book similar to yours, I loved it so much. First I want to figure out what pics I'm going to use.
Have a great nite-

Carmen Gamble said...

Hi Marion,
I found you on youtube and I absolutely LOVE your style! Thanks for sharing some of your techniques as well! I can't wait to make my own mini album. =)