Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Important postage information for your ATC's

Hi everyone! Ok so I had a few more problems with postage and just wanted to go over some things.

Postage that is not accepted:

prepaid machine print postage
postage other than US postage
postage covered with tape

Acceptable postage:

US Stamps

You may also send $1.50 in cash if you can not get US postage.

Thanks guys! I hope this isn't too difficult for you!


Margo said...

Ok I did send you prepaid for both August and September. Do you need me to send you some money or stamps.

Marion said...

No that's ok I'll cover ya this time! No biggy I had no idea that the postal service was this picky!! They were so rude, and they made twice the money in postage on everything. It was so ridiculous.

Margo said...

Oh I hate that I will send some extra when I send out Octobers then. You are to sweet and don't have to do that. I am glad you are feeling better