Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coming back home but still moving forward!

Well it's been a year since we moved to Texas and I can honestly say we gave it a good try but it is just not working out here for us. We have decided to move back home to California. I knew leaving our families behind would be hard, but man we didn't realize just how hard it really is. Texas is so new and exciting to us that it was an adventure we jumped at, and I wouldn't say we regret it at all, it's been a lot of fun!

It's also been very difficult being away from family. I never realized just how much we depended on that support. I will never take for granted always having a babysitter in California that is for sure! Our children have a connection with our families there that is unlike any other, and it's become so difficult hearing our eldest son Blake ask to go home almost every day this entire year. When we told the kids we were moving back they were so excited the first thing they wanted to do was call Grandma and Papa. Not to mention they are totally in love with my niece Alara who I am missing sooooo bad! My brother and sister also live in California as well as the rest of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and two of Garett's siblings, so we have a huge amount of family there. Garett and I are also so very excited because you know California is home to us, even though Garett was born and raised here he has really taken to California as well. He misses his Mom and Dad (who also live in California) like any adult kid would.

I am so thankful for the friends I've made and for getting a chance to meet some of Garett's family here. So very thankful we got to be here recently for Garett's grandfather's passing, I will never regret this move because of that.

So now it's time to move back home and I am so happy we still own our home in California as I don't want to live anywhere else. It's like restarting an old journey but the right journey, and I can honestly say I don't ever want to move out of state again lol unless our families are moving with us.

Anywho just thought I would break the news to everyone, the big move will happen end of next month I can't wait! I will miss you Texas, but I am sure we will come visit sometime.

My studio will also be closing of course and my last event there will be the Gypsy Ball once we get the new dates settled. Thank you everyone for following our crazy journey!


Below are random pics from our last visit in California, pretty sure I will be disowned for this..oh well!
My Sister Terri, Dad, and Me

 My Sister in Law, Aine, Brooke, Alara, and Blake
 Brooke and some weird guy that just showed up, jk my brother John.
Blake and Beckam with Grandma Demma


lindabelll said...

God Bless Marion. You will always be thankful and grateful that you made the journey, but, it's always nice to go home.

DeNetra said...

This was pleasant to read Marion. Im happy that you are happy. Maybe you can open your Studio in Cali ?? This past FEB we took a trip to San Diego and I fell in love with the visit. So want to go back !! God Bless and HapPy moving !!

Anonymous said...

So bittersweet... God Bless Marion.

Laura Strack said...

Marion, But I didn't get to come down to visit you, yet. I'll save the best for last. Lol. I have been wanting to visit your studio for a long time. I can completely understand how home sick you must all be. There is nothing like the support from family and while having young ones especially, you need that support more than ever. You are so very talented and I know you will be very successful, wherever your heart may take you. Best of luck, Laura Strack

Sieglinde said...

Best of Wishes, I think many people have moved away and then back again. Family is so very important.

KarenK said...

So happy you are coming back to California! I've lived all over the world, but home is where family is for sure! <3 Big hugs, Karen

M-C said...

Sorry I missed this post earlier! I'm so gla d that you are back in your Cali home near your family! With three beautiful young children and a business to run, you need and deserve to be surrounded and supported by family! I wish you and yours love, luck and laughter and continued success!