Saturday, May 19, 2012

Looking to redecorate this spring? Here is an easy way to add that distressed farmhouse look to your kitchen or dining room.


Hello Readers,

 I always want to  make sure that I design my house to express my style and always find things that take me back in time. Use a hutch to do that in your kitchen or dining room. I found a nice hutch at an antique consignment store called Remember When in Modesto California. The first thing I  did was  measured the spot in my house that would be home to my new find. You don't want to find that perfect piece and haul it all the way home which just happens to be 90 miles away and then go to set it up and get that"I told you it was too big didn't I" look from your spouse. I've been there done that so save yourself the trouble. Always remember to use the right scale, big rooms can have big pieces small rooms need smaller pieces to avoid feeling crowded. Once you get your piece home it is time to fill it with some decorations and things that you use on a daily basis. I have chosen some small jars, a fruit basket, useful cookbooks, and trinkets that are pleasing to look at. Make sure that you decorate with things that you love to look at and that remind you of times in your life that made you happy. For example,  the old fruit basket reminds me of when I was younger I spent the weekend at my friends grandparent's farm, we were playing hide and seek and they had a huge basement full of jams and preserves. That was a fun time in my life and I want to remember that every time I'm in my kitchen. To conclude this blog post I would like for you to comment and share a memory that you have from your childhood. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


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Holly Hudspeth said...

We used to visit my grandparents in Richmond VA every July. There would be 9 of us living in a 4 bedroom house for a month. We ate on a picnic table on the side porch every night and our laughter during dinner would fill the neighborhood. Neighbors would come over after dishes were done to join in on the fun. I can remember 18 people standing in front of a 15" black and white TV watching the astronauts walk on the moon for the first time on that side porch. The fan was blowing on us and fresh iced tea was in all of our glasses. I always keep tea in my fridge. I guess, like you, it is because of those memories.