Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Live Show tonight!

Hello ladies!

Since I was unable to do my show last night I will be doing it tonight and I have some awesome news to share that involves all of you guys!! We'll also be working on my Family Chronicles Halloween book! So excited! Show starts at 6:30pm PDT hope to see you there! Click here to watch!


tattered_rose said...

Thanks Marion. You rock!

Marlene W said...

Can't wait. Love your work :)

Snickerdoodlin' Journal said...

I'm so glad Marion that I didn't miss you yesterday... catch up soon... can't wait to hear your exciting news and see your beautiful album in progress!

take care - have a gorgeous day!!


designsbytatum said...

Marion is your show on Nov 10 or 11? Your post is date Nov 10 and you said tonight. I went there, but of course you were not there. I guess it's my misunderstanding.