Friday, November 6, 2009

A little treat!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been neglecting the blog! I've been working very hard lately, and I'm happy to say I've been working on a mini, and I will post a video and pics as soon as it's finished!

Also I have some new kits going up either later tonight or tomorrow night! Oh and how could I forget! I have a treat for all of you, I know many of you have been dying to see my studio, so this week I will be giving a veido tour. I must warn you though, it's nothing super fantastic!

Ok thanks everyone, I missed you all and I will get back into the swing of things and start posting regularly again!


JAN said...

cant wait to see the mini and the tour will be facinating

Birgitte said...

Hi Marion. My name is Birgitte. I live in Norway, so i`m not so good at english. I am 12 years old and i have been scrappin in 3 years. I LOVE IT! So i watch your vidios every day. You are the best scrapper i know ever in the world! I cant wait to se your new mini album. I reeeeaaallllyyy hope you will answer me. I will maybe make my own blog, so then you can watch my creations!
Love your work.

Marion said...


Hi there! Thank you for such a wonderful comment! What is your blog address? I'm glad you like my videos,I can't wait to see some of yours!

Mariannes Kort og Stempling said...

I just want to say that I love your mini albums ;-) I am a big fan of your work!!!

bluucaca said...

Marion i'm also a big fan of your work i can't wait for you to start posting more vidoies of your mini's you have done

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion,
I logged on your blog today to buy the vintage christmas album,but its not showing! don't tell me it gone! :( if its not sold out can you tell me why i can't see it amongst the rest of the kits?

Birgitte said...

Thanks sooooo much for answer me Marion! Sorry I havent answer you before but i havent seen your coment! Im really sorry... but my parents said that they had to think about if I could have my own blog. But I will maybe make it soon! I hope you will answer me again! If i can maybe get your mail address, then I can send you some pictures of my work! I will check back tomorow for seeing if you have answered me!
Still love your fantastic work!
I am working on a "pocket mini album" now!
And I got all my Ideas from your "oh la la kit!"
I`m sorry that i cant by it, but I went to the scrapstore here in Norway, and found a lot of stuff in the same colours and stuff like that!
PLEEEAASEEEE answer me back.
LOVE your work.

altalena said...

Hi Marion!

My name is Brigitta! I am from Hungary!
I till now digital scrapbook made, but I fell in love with it totally your works. I wait for the new album very much! You are my big big favourite!:)

Miami, Florida said...

It's OK Marion, I'll wait for you!
Your beautiful minis and your great knowledge is soooo worth it.
Please don't ever stop teaching us ans sharing your art.THANK YOU!!!

Gingerbread Girl said...

Anxious to see your mini!!!