Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just asking for some fun!

Ok, tonight I am going to finish up some kits, then I'm going to work on some new videos for Bluemoon. I hope I have enough time to do both. I've been itching to do some videos, so hopefully I will get to pop atleast three out tonight! Also the website has been re-done again lol! It's still in works, but hopefully this will be the last time! I'm always changing my mind so it's highly unlikely that it is.

Also I think my husband and I have decided to get a dog, so if you are in central California and know where we can find a pure bred lab, doberman pincher, or german shepard, please let me know! I'm excited about getting a dog because Blake really loves animals, and I think it's a good idea for protection. I used to have a doberman pincher growing up and he was the sweetest dog ever! Anyway I better get going on those kits and videos. Have a great week everyone!


Dawn-Marie said...

Hi Marion! So happy to hear you are making new videos! I feel like a junkie and that needs a fix! lol Can't wait to see the kits!

Good luck on the dog search!

Hope Simpson said...

Yeay, New videos from Marion!!!! Can't wait :-)
I love your new Logo.

Tina said...

Good choice on the dogs, We have both a yellow lab and black miniature pincher. They are great around the kids. Can't wait to see the new videos...Thanks Marion

mickchick831 said...

Hi Marion, Can’t wait for the new videos.
I work with a couple of animal rescue organizations and here are a few links to bread specific rescues. You can find great dogs at these sites.
This is a Dobie rescue that is in Gilroy
Here is a dobie in Lodi
Here is a German Shepard Rescue in Sacramento
And here is one for Labs-it is based out of San Francisco.

Good Luck!!

Kathy said...

Hi Marion! Looking forward to your new videos!!!
Dog!!! How exciting! We have 2 dogs, 2 cats. Love them! Good luck!!! Your website is looking really great here!!!