Friday, February 6, 2009

Holy Moly

So, I go to my Dr. appointment last week and they tell me I gained too much weight so I have to watch my sugar intake and diet. I'm so disappointed because I didn't gain enough weight with my last preagnancy, and now it has switeched. What's worse is they said I can do any physical activity either because of my pre-term labor problems. I'm so frustrated and sad because I just want soemthing to go right with this pregnancy not to mention it just adds more stress. Yesterday I went in to get tested for gestational diebetes, and I'm really worried because my Mom has diabetes so I'm at higher risk of having it as well. I didn't have it last time so that is comforting, but I wasn't over weight last time either. Anyhow, I just had to vent a little. Can't wait to see my little girl, I know she'll be healthy and beautiful just like her brother.


Judy said...

Every day I come to your blog to check on you. I have been saying a little prayer too. I just know you will be fine....don't be stressed. So many people here have admired your mini books, copied them and are waiting for more. You are an inspiration for our creativity. Can't wait till that little bundle arrives and you get back to creating....scrapbooks that is.

I'll keep checking on you and praying for you and your family.

Judy in Fernandina Beach, FL

Jana said...

All I can say is just that listen to your body and if you feel good don't worry about anything. Your prescious body is holding something even more prescious and it tell you what it needs. I really didn't listen that much to the doctors numbers when I was pregnant and just enjoyed it. You know, they have to follow the statistics!! Take care of you I'm pretty sure everything will be fine!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Marion,
Sit back put your feet up and relax because the more stress you put on yourself the more bubs is going to fret also. I love your site and the things you share with the rest of us. Including your baby news, congratulations on bubs by the way. I also have had to cut down on sugar with one of my babies and I had to have a diabetes test with another. I agree with Jana enjoy every minute of this pegnancy. Ta Dina

doulanana said...

Marion, Believe that everything will be just fine. Don't fret about the weight thing. This will be over before ou know it and you'll be snuggling with your beautiful bay in your arms. Hang in there.

doulanana said...

sorry about the typos!

Clochette said...

Yes, don't worry about anything Marion, it will be fine, we'll think of you every day and I know that your baby will be in good health.

Tinkerbell of France