Friday, October 10, 2008

ATC club rules and info

Anyone may join this club but you must have a blog! If you will be sending cards in for the first time please leave a comment on this post so we can see who our newbies are!!

Ship your ATC cards to:

Marion Smith ATC club
3304 Fallen Oak Ct.
Modesto, CA 95355

Basic info

- Make 11 cards, 12 if you want to keep one. you'll get 10 back from various artists. One gets kept for our archive.

- All cards must be the same for each trade (they can be slightly different if you run out of something)

-cards must be 2 1/2'' x 3 1/2''

-you must include postage to have the envelope sent back to you. (When you go to ship your item you can include the shipping amount in the envelope in cash or you can insert the equivalent amount worth in postage stamps.) Please do not use pre-paid labels.

- Mark fragile and art enclosed on cover of envelope. (It is best to use a plastic bubble envelope so it may be re-used many times)

-Please no nudity or violent language

-Cards are due on the 25th of each month.

-include the following information on the back of your card:

Artist Name
ATC club (apieceofcraft)
Blog or website URL and or email.
The card number out of a series of 11( For example the first card you made would be 1 of 11)
Lastly the name of the piece of art.

Here are the themes for the following months:

September-Dimensions and textures
October: Halloween
November: Harvest
December: Christmas

Have fun and remember there is no limit to your creativity.


Bona said...

Hi Marion! Thank you so much. I can't wait. My daughter and I always enjoy watching your tutorials. I'm very excited. I will be sending out my first set of cards for this month of October.

Anonymous said...

hi marion! :)
glad to hear you are feeling better these days! :)
i have a question about joining your atc we need to participate every single month...or are we able to skip a month here & there when we aren't feeling well???
thanks, marion!
shari :)

Leslie said...

I will be joining up for October! Gotta get to work. :)

Marion said...

Shari you don't have to participate every month, just when you can.

KarenK said...

Hi Marion: Glad that you're feeling better! I'll be participating for October. Thanks!

heather said...

glad to hear you are feeling better. This ATC thing sounds really fun! I will try to join in for November

Leslie said...

Marion, wow, how lucky am I for finding your blog?!! I can't wait to jump in. I will join in on the fun starting for November ATC. Thanks for hosting so much fun!
Hugs, Leslie

Leslie said...

I just read where you live. I use to live in Oakdale, CA. with my ex-husband, Matt Marshall. We were in Modesto almost the whole time we were out there, that is where all his friends lived. I just loved your town. Hope it is still as great as I remember. Have a great day, Leslie

Angie Corcel said...

Hi Marion, this is my first time joining your ATC's, them Im a newbie!, I have my 11 cards for October ready and I will send them out to you shortly, get well, hugs Angie

Patt said...

Hi Marion
Glad to hear everything is better.
I sent you an email as I live abroad (Majorca - Spain) Please let me know if you received it.
Thanks a lot.
Patt :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion, I can't wait to start with this club should be great fun.. I just moved here to Modesto and came across your videos.. sorry to hear you are moving out of Modesto...Any way I will be starting in October.. Thanks

amandarae said...

Hello Marion!! I was so excited to come across your youtube site. I am VERY interested in joining your ATC club! I have never heard of them until today and i think it is a great idea! I am a little confused as to which cards to send and when. So i send Nov cards by nov 25th? Probably a stupid question! But i would hate to do it wrong! Let me know, i am so excited!

amandarae said...

OH- and my email address is